Zahed Launches Arts, Science, Technology Exhibition in Kuwait; re_use

On January 10th 2019, an inaugural edition of the re_use program was launched at The Scientific Center Kuwait (TSCK) co-curated by Zahed Sultan and Tim Tersptra (NL). This rendition of re_use hosts the largest program to date, including a multimedia exhibition (January 10th – April 6th), IMAX experiences by Zahed Sultan & Ash Koosha during the opening weekend (January 10th – 12th), and a lab program (January 12th – April 6th) dedicated to educational classes and knowledge exchange.

The exhibition investigates topics of environmental sustainability and social responsibility through art, science, and technology ; addressing issues that affect our day to day lives (such as food, water, waste, pollution, transport etc.) and practical as well as creative solutions to think about the challenges ahead. The general public are invited to engage with these topics and relate them to their lifestyle choices in a manner that is inclusive and participatory.

The exhibition includes works by local as well as international artists, designers, initiatives and professionals:
Aziz Al Mutawa | Kuwait Commute | Zahed Sultan | Nasser Qabazard | Dr. Roma Madan Soni | Kawther Al Saffar | Malak Al-Suwaihel | Rawan Al Muqaddas | Just Bee | Ash Koosha | Ahaad Alamoudi + Lina Al Saleh | Collective Works | Scenocosme | Thijs Biersteker | Kasia Molga | Ivan Henriques | Maotik | Suzette Bousema

About re_use
re-use is a multi-arts program developed by Kuwaiti multimedia artist and social entrepreneur, Zahed Sultan. The program seeks to investigate and respond to pressing issues in cities in order to engage audiences with emerging ideas and innovative thought from around the world.

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