Zahed & en.v Launch New Festival in Kuwait, AWAKEN

Zahed Sultan’s social impact organization, en.v, announces the launch of the first community building festival in the country on November 15 – 17, 2018 at DAI (Yarmouk), Kuwait.

AWAKEN is a three-day festival that will bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds and communities to develop creative solutions to pressing social issues in Kuwait. Activities will focus on promoting the exchange of knowledge and building a foundation for sustainable collaborations in the country. They will include interactive sessions led by international speakers, aiming to push people out of their comfort zones and spark critical thinking through pioneering methods. There were also be creative dialogue and storytelling platforms led by local community leaders, practitioners and civil society organizations (CSOs).

Zahed will present a special screening of his debut documentary film, Vibrations, on the opening night along with a talk and short performance. On the following night, his pearl-diving band, Hiwar, will take audiences on a journey through the origins of the music and its culture as a form of a community building.

Follow AWAKEN on instagram: @awake_n


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