Zahed Introduces Hiwar (Listen) in Belfast & Hiwar (Club) in Paris

Zahed recently introduced two new formats for his acclaimed ‘Hiwar’ project. Arabic for dialogue, Hiwar explores heritage pearl-diving music from the Arabian Gulf, reimagining it through live, audio-visual-dance performance.

Hiwar (Listen)

On September 27th 2018, Zahed premiered an immersive, audio experience of Hiwar at the Sonic Arts Research Centre’s (SARC) Sonic Lab in Belfast. This vision transported listeners onto a heritage ‘dhow’ ship seated amongst pearl divers taking a dangerous voyage to sea. The premiere featured a short film screening as well as a Q&A with the artist.

Event listing:

Hiwar (Club)

On October 26th 2018,  Zahed debuted a new, audio-dance edition of the project entitled Hiwar (Club) to a sold out night at La Bellevilloise in Paris. Presented by the bi-annual Beirut Electro Parade night series, Hiwar (Club) is an engaging, solo electronic set featuring remixes of pearl-diving music recorded by Zahed over the course of the last two years.

Event listing:


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