‘Zahed Sultan: One Voice, Many Mediums

Kuwaiti London-based artist Zahed Sultan is not afraid to express himself through drastically different means and mediums. Zahed Sultan is one of those people that you suspect of possessing some sort of time expanding device, like the one Hermione Granger has in Harry Potter. The half Indian half Kuwaiti London-based multimedia artist/entrepreneur seems to produce work in more artistic mediums and take on more projects than an entire team could manage…but somehow, he manages. As a musician, he creates a brand of alternative electronic music that blends analog and digital, incorporating a vast range of influences from Arabic rhythms to reggae, which has been licensed for television and film in the past. He has two studio albums, three EPs, and a number of singles under his belt, and also produces for other artists, including Saudi singer Tam Tam. He has produced, directed, co-edited or all of the above on a number of short films, music videos, and most recently a full-length documentary. He has started multi-media performance projects, collaborated with artists widely, and even introduced a music festival in Kuwait. Encountering creatives like Zahed (especially at this young an age) makes us wonder about what it takes to channel focus and organize time to achieve all of the things we want to.

Read the feature here.


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