Zahed Releases Tribal-Reggae Song ‘Monkey Riddim’

 In a follow up to his Summer 2017 release Mama Bamba, multimedia artist Zahed Sultan (Kuwait) returns with a Tribal-Reggae track ‘Monkey Riddim’ which he recorded at Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Studio in Kingston, Jamaica.

‘Monkey Riddim’ was recorded as part of Zahed’s debut documentary film, VIBRATIONS and features the vocal talents of Chedda and Bugzy from Jamaica. The song fuses native percussions from Kuwait and Jamaica to create a modern Tribal-Reggae sound which is reinforced by vibrant samples of jungle ambiance and hard-hitting verses in Patois.

VIBRATIONS, the film, presents Zahed’s approach to learning about the roots of Jamaican music and society. Through a cultural exchange, Zahed collaborates with people from Kingston, exploring the unlikely bridges that exist between Jamaica and Kuwait. The film brings to light the shared struggles we face as people and our ability to empower ourselves in today’s rapidly changing world.

Watch the VIBRATIONS film trailer

Listen to ‘Monkey Riddim’



About The Artist

Zahed is a London-based multimedia artist and entrepreneur from Kuwait. His work seeks to further the idea of community through social impact programs and collaborative music projects. His works have been licensed for television, film and music compilations and he has received attention for his audio, visual and dance performances which have been presented internationally.


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