Zahed Sultan Releases Enigmatic New EP & Music Video; Reuse Me – EP

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Zahed Sultan announces the release of his new extra play (EP) entitled “Reuse Me – EP” as well as a new music video for the title song “Reuse Me”. Through his new body of work, Zahed delves deeper into uncharted territory – fusing influences in alternative / electronica music with tantalizing vocals in both English and Arabic. Zahed debuts his vocal talents in both languages via this EP to express ever-growing concerns for social change around the world.

Aspiring for his sound to seep through crevices and appeal to today’s community of change-makers, Zahed’s conjures up two original tracks and two intricately woven remixes to lure listeners into his psyche – drawing on inspiration from the likes of Radiohead, The Gorillaz, Kanye West, SigurRos, and Nicolas Jaar amongst others.

Zahed releases his new EP in conjunction with an annual exposition he holds in Kuwait, entitled “REUSE,” to promote eco-friendly living via creative mediums. (

About The Artist
Zahed is a music producer and social entrepreneur from Kuwait. He released his debut album “Hi Fear, Lo Love” on April 1st 2011 ( and attained success with his 2nd single “I Want Her But I Don’t Want Her.” Parisian Dj, Stephane Pompougnac, featured the single on the internationally acclaimed Hotel Costes 15 compilation, which was released on Sept. 26th 2011. Zahed’s single is the 1st modern Arabian-Gulf track to be signed to a globally renowned compilation. More recently, Zahed’s 3rd single “Walkin Away” was featured on New York based MTV Iggy as an emerging global artist.

Zahed’s success in music dates back to 2004 when world-renowned house music label Global Underground and DJ Sasha awarded Zahed 3rd place for the Involver Remix Competition.  Zahed’s Remix was later signed alongside DJ Sasha to America’s no.1 TV hit series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Season 5, Episode #519 “4×4.”

Mouse Music is Zahed Sultan’s new digital music label that aims to capture global audiences’ attention to a unique sound that he is developing. The first release from the label was a Remix EP on Sept. 1st 2011 The EP was derived from his debut album “Hi Fear Lo Love” through an Open Remix Competition held in the summer of 2011.

Track Listing

01 Reuse Me

02 Like This (ha-ka-tha)

03 Reuse Me (Zahed’s Big Love Mix)

04 Like This (Zahed’s Lost Love Mix)


Alex Wharton, Senior Mastering Engineer, Abbey Road Studios “Loving the tracks…especially the intricate fills…some cracking production!”“The offering encompasses so many genres of music that it succeeds in satisfying every taste.” “Zahed Sultan has an emergent presence…”

Where Can I BuyZahed’s New EP?

Zahed Sultan’s new EP is available for download exclusively via iTunes for a limited period of time. Thereafter, it may be purchased from all major online music stores.

Zahed SultanOfficial Web Properties:






EP Music Links:


Contact Information

Tel.  +965 2252 4614

Fax. +965 2252 4615



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